Newsletter Information February 2017

Dean’s Corner

Multisource Feedback

  1. The MSF process will be satisfactorily benchmarked to the highest UK standards.

Real World Group (RWG), based in the UK, was selected as the MSF provider, due to their extensive experience in this area, and working with clients including the NHS, University College London and the Metropolitan Police.

  1. Each SpR in the pilot year underwent a MSF process, the results of which will be regarded as their data, unless pre-specified boundaries are crossed. The 2nd year SpRs (Diagnostic and Radiation Oncology) were selected as the group for the pilot project. Each SpR engaged in the process and received feedback from a trained facilitator.
  2. The Faculty will be able to attest to this when SpRs apply to external agencies, (e.g. the GMC UK), for Out of Programme Experience. We cannot at present do this. Irish trainees currently have difficulty accessing higher training in the UK. Participating in the MSF allows the Faculty to ensure that our SpRs meet the criteria required by external agencies.
  3. The Faculty and NDTP will have anonymised whole group data to help them decide on whether/ how to make MSF a recurrent event for all 2nd and 3rd year SpRs in the programme.

The feedback on the MSF process was overwhelmingly positive and we hope to introduce it on a permanent basis.

Questionnaire Design

A 360o questionnaire, incorporating the Northern Ireland MSF programme profile for Radiology SpRs and the RWG ‘Engaging Leadership’ model, was designed. This profile was mapped against RWG’s engaging leadership model and associated Transformational Leadership Questionnaire (Clinical Leadership 360) items to ensure that all critical areas of Engaging Leadership were covered by the customised questionnaire. Finally, the questions were grouped under the Medical Council domains of Good Professional Practice.

Reports from RWG

The Faculty received the following reports from RWG:

SpR 360 Global Results Report

This provided a breakdown of the number of assessors who completed the MSF on the SpRs and the engagement from the different rater groups. It also contained a spidergraph indicating the radar clusters and a breakdown of the anonymised responses for each question. This identified common themes and trends against the behavioural criteria being assessed.

Report on MSF

This analysed the responses by the raters and the SpRs themselves, which allowed us to work with the SpRs on any areas where they feel there are gaps in their knowledge and clinical skills.


Feedback by Participants

The SpRs were asked to provide feedback on their experience of the process. This included their opinions on the information provided, the process itself and the feedback they received.  This will be used to shape any future MSF forms.




Radiology QI Programme Update

In 2016 the reporting tool of the QI Programme, NQAIS Radiology, went live – now all sites using peerVue to record QI activities can view reports outlining how  their department  is performing in various KQIs relative to national aggregate data. Currently attentions are focussed on the programme’s application to be designated National Clinical Audit, which will bring with it the legal protections from FOI that users have previously voiced concern about. In order for this application to succeed it is important that the QI activities you are all doing be recorded in peerVue, so that as much data as possible is in the system. A successful application will demonstrate how patient safety is of foremost concern in Irish radiologic practise.

Any queries about the Programme or the NCA application may be addressed to Mr Stephen Boyle, Programme Manager or Dr John Feeney, Chair PCS & Quality Committee



2016 Medal Winners Awarded ASM Sept 2016 & Haughton Medal

First Place Final Fellowship FFR Medal (Nov 2015)

Dr Kate Harrington

Prof. Max J Ryan Medal & First Place Primary FFR

Dr Stephen Liddy

Fielding Medal

Ms Arlene Weir – “Thyroid FNA Guidelines; A Comparison Of Six Internationally Recognised Guidelines”

Practice Based Learning: Edward Malone Medal

Dr Gerard Healy (SVUH) – In adult patients with suspected pancreatic carcinoma who are awaiting surgery, what is the acceptable time interval between CT and surgery based on the rate of growth of the pancreatic tumour?

Radiological Society of Ireland Medal 2016 (Combined Spring Meeting 2016 – Best Poster)

Dr Brendan Kelly (AMNCH) – “Malignancy risk stratification in Multinodular Goitre using Ultrasound Findings: A retrospective review of sonographic features, histopathological results and cancer risk”

Clinical Audit HSE Prize

Dr Stephen Power – An audit of mechanical thrombectomy costing at Cork University Hospital

RAMI/Registrar’s Prize

Dr Nicola Hughes, CUH – ‘Tumour heterogeneity measurement using [¹⁸F] FDG PET/CT shows prognostic value in patients with lung cancer’

Dr Najeeb F Almarzouk Medal (Nov 2015) (for the Final Fellowship Examination in Kuwait)

Dr Fahad Alabdulghani

Haughton Medal

Prof Martin O’Malley



Part 2 Examination

Deadline for Application for Part 2 Examination