The Faculty of Radiologists, Royal College of Surgeons would like to appoint a new Primary FFR Chief Physics Examiner (Medical Physicist).

The Faculty of Radiologists, Royal College of Surgeons would like to appoint a new Primary FFR Chief Physics Examiner (Medical Physicist).

Term of office:

The term of office for examiners is normally three years and examiners are expected to remain in employment for the duration of their term of office.

Role Description:

The acquisition of the part 1 FFR examination is a requirement for all clinical radiology trainees to progress to the final FFR examination. It assesses the knowledge and skills developed during the first year of core radiology training. The Physics component forms part of the part 1 FFR examination and tests the knowledge of physical principles that underpin diagnostic medical imaging.

The part 1 examination committee writes questions, sources images, moderates and classifies material, selects content for individual sittings, identifies passing standards and evaluates candidate performance. The committee is working towards reviewing the performance of individual questions, and patterns of examination performance overall, and from this makes recommendations on changes to structure and content where appropriate.

The chief part 1 FFR physics examiner is responsible for ensuring, on behalf of the primary examination committee, that the physics component of the part 1 FFR examination provides an appropriate assessment of the knowledge and skills required to complete core radiology training as defined in the physics curriculum section for Specialty Training in Radiology.

Working Practices:

The examination Committee meets two times each year before the May and September sittings of the part 1 FFR. The main purpose of these meetings is to set and finalise question papers, and on occasion to review questions based on their performance.

Role Tasks:

Participating in the business of the part 1 examination committee including:

  • Ensuring that an adequate MCQ question bank exists and that the questions in the bank are relevant to the syllabus part 1 FFR in physics.
  • Selecting questions to make up papers as required and checking that each paper appropriately assesses knowledge across the syllabus.
  • Reviewing the performance of individual questions and rejecting or modifying questions when appropriate.
  • Perform oral examinations of candidates in conjunction with the External Physics Examiner
  • Making recommendations to the examination committee for changes to the content and structure of the Physics examination.


Knowledge and qualifications:

The chief physics examiner for the part 1 FFR Examination must be:

  • Able to demonstrate previous involvement in teaching and training
  • Able to devote time to question and standard setting and attending meetings of the Committee
  • Willing to travel to the Kuwait sitting of the part 1 examination in May of each year
  • Preferably teach on the part 1 FFR RCSI curriculum
  • A member of the IAPM (Irish Association of Physicists in Medicine)

Any informal enquiries can be made to the chief part 1 examiner Ciaran Johnston ( or the outgoing part 1chief physics examiner Andrew Fagan (

The closing date for applications is Wednesday 8th March 2017.

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