• Sponsorship has been provided to the Faculty of Radiologists and Radiation Oncologists for the establishment of the Fielding medal, to be awarded on an annual basis for medical undergraduate research or audit in the field of Radiology. 

  • The medal is named in honour of Dr. John Fielding FFRRCSI (1904-1964, Consultant Radiologist in St. Finbarr’s Hospital and The North Charitable Infirmary in Cork), Prof. John Fielding (1938-2002, Consultant Gastroenterologist in Jervis St. & Beaumont Hospitals, Dublin, and co-founder of the Irish Hospital Consultants Association), and Dr. Raymond Fielding FFRRCSI (1935-2016, Consultant Radiologist in The North Charitable Infirmary, Cork, from 1964 to 1987, and in The Mercy Hospital, Cork, from 1987 to 1994). 

  • The Faculty Board approved awarding this medal for the first time in 2012. 

  • The awardee will be invited to present the winning paper at the Faculty Annual Scientific Meeting in September. The award takes the form of a medal and certificate, to be presented to the recipient at the Annual Faculty dinner held during the Faculty Annual Scientific Meeting.

  • It is hoped that the medal will act as an impetus to encourage undergraduates to consider future entry into the specialty of diagnostic radiology.

  • The medal will be awarded for the best medical undergraduate Radiology project during the twelve month period since the beginning of the prior ASM (i.e. September of the year prior to the award) in a medical school on the island of Ireland. 

  • The project may be an educational exhibit, scientific exhibit, oral presentation or audit project. 

  • Conditions for the award are that the project must be a Radiological topic, the work must have been completed prior to the applicant’s graduation, and the medical student and their Consultant Radiologist mentor must notify the organising member of the Faculty Research Committee that the submission is a medal entry, that it is substantively the work of the medical student and that different aspects of the same body of work have not been presented elsewhere by other, more senior, research group members. A Research Committee Nominee and the Faculty Honorary Secretary will judge all submitted projects unless there is perceived conflict of interest, in which eventuality a deputy will be appointed by the Dean. 

  • Nominations are invited from all medical schools on the island of Ireland, must be received by the Faculty of Radiologists and Radiation Oncologists before 17th May 2024 in the form of an abstract and final projects to be submitted by 28th June 2024. Please see below for further guidelines. 

  • The Faculty looks forward to working with Irish medical schools to enhance the profile of the specialty of Radiology among medical students through the medium of this award and other educational initiatives. 

Dr Patricia Cunningham

Dean, Faculty of Radiologists and Radiation Oncologists

Abstract Formatting Instructions 

Abstracts should be prepared using Microsoft Word. The abstract, which should not exceed 250 words in length, should be divided into: title (in bold), all authors names (first name initial, surname), department, institution name and location.  Use the following titles for the main text of the abstract: Purpose, Materials and Methods, Results and Conclusion.  

Abstracts should be written in Times New Roman, font size 12, single line spacing, with no formatting.  Any references must be listed at the end of each abstract.  Please detail the authors, and the institution, with the name of the presenting author underlined.  

Abstracts not conforming to this submission format will not be accepted and returned to author.  

Please ensure that your full mailing address and contact details such as mobile phone, fax and e-mail are also included.  (Please do not give an unattended office number).

Abstracts should be submitted by e-mail. Please send all submissions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The closing date, which is strictly final, is 3pm on 17th May  2024.

Final completed projects should be submitted by e-mail. Please send all submissions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The closing date, which is strictly final, is 3pm on 28th June 2024. 

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