Notice is hereby given that an election to fill 2 vacancies on the Board of the Faculty of Radiologists of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland will take place on 29th September 2023.  In accordance with the Standing Order Orders there are two positions available in Diagnostic Radiology. 

Following their election, the standard term of office is 5 years.

Fellows of two year’s standing at the date fixed for the election, practising as Consultant Radiologists in Ireland, are eligible for election to the Board. 

The voting will be an online process and online ballot details will be sent via emails registered with the Faculty of Radiologists. Fellows who have not paid their annual Faculty subscription shall not be entitled to receive a voting paper.

Forms should be returned on or before 5pm on 30th June 2023. Please note the closing date will be strictly adhered to.


 Note: Each nominee submission must be supported by two nomination submissions.

Board Elections 2023

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